STAX SR-007A MK2 Electrostatic Earspeakers [Japan Import] - B0013D3BPE

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  • This item is from STAX Authorized Dealer in JAPAN.

  • This is STAX SR-007A OMEGA MK II Electrostatic Earspeakers Japanese Version

  • Powerful Sound with Utmost Delicacy The rationale in the development of the new SR-007A Omega MK II Earspeaker was to provide deep powerful sound previously unobtainable in Earspeakers. STAX engineers developed a unique new electrode structure. Visible through the outer case, gold plated on the outer edge this new electrode has less holes than conventional STAX Earspeakers and thus provides an increased diaphragm vibration area allowing for rich and powerful sound yet retaining all the delicacy STAX is famous for.   Rigid Metal Housing To maintain clear distortion free sound it is most important that nothing other than the diaphragm should vibrate. Within the STAX SR-007A Omega MK II the sound element is encased in a thick insulated resin case firmly fixed to the rigid body. The results are nothing short of spectacular.   Fully Adjustable Earpads Utmost comfort for maximum enjoyment of your STAX SR-007A Omega MK II is provided with earpads that are fully adjustable to the shape of your head.   Stax Japan refers to its electrostatic headphone designs as "Earspeakers." The electrostatic transducer in a Stax Earspeaker consists of two "parallel-arranged fixed electrodes," between which is suspended a low-mass, high-polymer film that is less than 2µm thick. Simply put, it's a push-pull driver system. When the fluctuating voltage of the audio signal is applied to the electrodes, as in a MartinLogan speaker, the diaphragm is pulled and pushed. Manual: "The continuous flow of alternating voltage in interpretation of audio signals causes the diaphragm to vibrate in faithful compliance with the amplifier output without time lag, ensuring undistorted soundwaves."   Deluxe Carrying Case The 007A Omega II Mk2 Headphones include a deluxe ATA Style Padded Flight Case with Gold STAX faceplate. This rigid case provides the ultimate in protection for your 007's no matter what the environment!

    STAX SR-007A MK2 Electrostatic Earspeakers [Japan Import] - B0013D3BPE